Nonprofit Program Evaluation

Standard Impact provides comprehensive program evaluation services. We collect and analyze data, write reports and create content to help nonprofits tell their impact stories better.

Independent Evaluation Services

Data Collection
We gather your data using surveys, interviews, assessments and more. We ask the right questions to get the right answers to help you tell your story better.

Data Analysis
We analyze your data using quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Our analyses help customers make better decisions.

Once the data is collected and analyzed, we generate strategic reports to move your nonprofit forward. Our reports tell the impact story of your nonprofit.

Our infographics tell your story visually. Whether a stand alone document or an add-on to a report, our infographics can be understood at a glance.

We provide online and onsite training related to program evaluation. We help customers develop measurable goals and objectives to insure that strategic goals are targeted.

Standard Impact provides customized evaluation materials to support internal program evaluators. Contact us for more information.

Helping nonprofits tell their impact story better.

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