Standard Impact LLC is a small business located in Hampton, VA.  SWaM and Micro Certified (#724704) through July 10, 2022, the company is positioned to partner with clients to promote sustainability and increase business intelligence through research, evaluation, training, and technical writing. Founded by Cheryl Finch, Ph.D. in May 2016, Standard Impact partners with clients to achieve strategic results.  

Cheryl Finch, Ph.D.

Cheryl serves as the Managing Consultant of Standard Impact where she strengthens small businesses and nonprofits by creating essential content and mission-critical documents that promote sustainability and increase organizational intelligence.  

Launched in 2016, Standard Impact offers technical writing, development and consulting services. The company provides an array of services serving both businesses and nonprofits.

Business: research, business planning, proposal preparation, and training. Nonprofit: research, outcomes measurement, program evaluation, grant writing, professional reporting, and training.

Cheryl enjoys working with clients to identify and achieve essential goals that support ongoing success.

Her broad range of experience includes:

  • outcome measurement
  • personal and professional development
  • project management and conference planning
  • business and strategic planning
  • grant management and program evaluation
  • curriculum development and training  

As a leader, Cheryl has built collaborative relationships with colleagues, partners, and clients to achieve critical goals. She has designed, launched, and managed funding processes; online portals; and targeted marketing campaigns.   

Cheryl graduated with honors from The College of William and Mary where she earned a Ph.D. in Planning Policy, and Leadership (Educational). She has spent her career in leadership roles, performance measurement, and program evaluation.  Her experiences provide a knowledge base grounded in research and best practices. She is wife to Ron and mom to Aaron.

Cheryl looks forward to partnering with YOU to achieve YOUR strategic result. Contact us today!